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Articles by John Reynolds, Chairman, Alpha Beta Partners

John Reynolds, Chairman, Alpha Beta Partners

John is an active investor and board director with over 35 years experience, following a highly successful career in the City of London spanning senior executive roles on both the sell and the buy side at major investment banking and asset management firms. John forged his career in the City as an Economist and Investment Strategist in the mid- to-late 1980’s and 90’s quickly rising as a top rated analyst (Extel) and Global Head of Research, with NatWest Markets and then ING Barings. The 2000’s saw John take responsibility for driving business with asset managers at Deutsche Bank and then ABN AMRO, before taking on the role of Chief Investment Officer, with responsibility for over £23 billion in assets, for Capita Financial Group, one of the largest asset management firms in the UK.

MMT – a magic money tree, or the real deal?

By John Reynolds, Chairman, Alpha Beta Partners

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After a decade or more of central bank fuelled quantitative easing with little apparent impact to global inflationary pressure, we have witnessed Modern Monetary Theory [MMT] being discussed more. In this article we take a closer look at MMT and how it operates at an economic level.

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“Coronavirus” COVID-19: an update for Investors

By John Reynolds, Chairman, Alpha Beta Partners

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The unfolding economic picture is challenging, and markets are now primed to expect a further sharp downturn in Q2 economic data across the globe.

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