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Products & services

A wide range of available products

The Embark Platform provides your clients with a range of products to achieve their savings and investment goals. Whether they are looking for simple savings through an ISA or a personal pension with full drawdown capability, our products and features will help them into and through retirement. All of our accounts are designed to be managed by you with nearly all transactions completed digitally – and no need for a wet client signature.

Our product suite

Personal Pension - image

Personal Pension

The Embark Personal Pension offers flexibility to provide for the most simple or sophisticated requirements. You can also manage flexi-access drawdown entirely on platform with integrated payroll, letting you specify dates for regular income payments and process ad-hoc payments in real time. Embark supports both the Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) and Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS).

Junior Personal Pension - image

Junior Personal Pension

To give your clients’ children a head start, we have launched a Junior Personal Pension. A parent/guardian will be required to be added to the account as the registered contact, with the child or grandchild as the account holder. You can create and manage these online.

Stocks and Shares ISA - image

Stocks and Shares ISA

The Embark ISA has the same wide investment choice as the other Embark accounts, including discretionary portfolios. It allows consolidation of current and previous years’ ISAs into the one tax efficient environment with full flexibility on withdrawals.

Junior Stocks and Shares ISA - image

Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

The Embark JISA has the same wide investment choice as the other Embark accounts – including discretionary portfolios. It is available for children up to the age of 18. An adult with parental responsibility is the Registered Contact and controls the account until the child reaches 18, when the account is automatically converted to an ISA and the child takes control.

General Investment Account (GIA) - image

General Investment Account (GIA)

Clients (including corporates and trusts) can hold multiple GIAs to segment their savings for different purposes such as a new car or children’s school fees. With the ability to plan around different tax aspects, including capital gains, your client can invest as much as they want across our investment spectrum.

Third-Party Investment Account (TPIA) - image

Third-Party Investment Account (TPIA)

In some instances a client may not want to move from an existing provider, although they would like the value and flexibility that investing on the Embark Platform brings. Our Third Party Investment Account allows clients to retain the product features of their existing pension or Offshore Bond and expand it with the investment opportunities of ours. It really is the best of both worlds.

Offshore Bonds

We have partnered with Canada Life International and Utmost Limited to allow you to manage all, or part of your client’s Offshore Bond assets using the functionality of our Third Party Investment Account (TPIA).

For more information about the products Canada Life and Utmost offer, please visit their websites:

> Visit Canada Life International                                  > Visit Utmost Limited

Expert guidance in fund selection

Let our impartial fund research specialists help you assess and select the right funds for your clients.

Discretionary Investment Manager model portfolios

Our platform offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for those advisers looking to outsource the management of part or all of their investment proposition.

Model portfolios on the Embark Platform

Discretionary-managed model portfolios are available within all of our accounts. Our platform allows:

  • Access to cost-effective and efficient portfolio management solutions
  • The choice of a wide range of discretionary managers
  • Adviser specific charging from your discretionary manager partners, applied automatically for your clients
  • Client assets to be wholly or partially invested in model portfolios
  • You to spread a client’s investments across multiple portfolios
  • Investment without the requirement for wet signatures
  • Discretionary managers to deal in ETFs and ETCs fractionally, allowing maximum flexibility for trading in client portfolios

Your DIM questions answered

The questions below cover everything you need to know about using, or for Discretionary Investment Managers, running, discretionary portfolios on the Embark Platform.

Our mission for the Embark Platform is simple: to allow advisers and fund managers to efficiently and cost-effectively manage portfolios under £250,000.

The platform is genuinely digital, designed to deliver cost-effective portfolio management to mass affluent clients. It supports Personal Pensions, ISAs, JISAs, GIA and TPIAs. We have fully automated 50+ processes to ensure maximum efficiency and there’s no requirement for wet signatures. It also offers fractional ETFs and fractional dealing.

Working with Embark can help you extend your reach into the adviser market.

If you are already set-up to use the Embark Platform, this handy guide explains how to access the discretionary model portfolios. It’s filled with screenshots and a decision matrix to help you navigate the platform, giving all the information you need to begin using the portfolios.

Our sales team are happy to talk you through the process for setting up your advice firm and individual users on the Embark Platform. Please send an email to

For a full list of the discretionary fund managers available on the Embark Platform, download the latest list here:

If your business requires a more scalable bespoke solution you can access our institutional offering.